Expert, Experienced, and Reliable

Careful, legal removal of deceased animals isn’t something you think about until you need it. When you do, make sure you call the experts you can trust to offer safe and reliable service.

Animal Carcass Removal will quickly, effectively, and legally pick up and remove animals of all shapes and sizes, small or large. We transport the animal carcasses to dedicated disposal sites where they can be handled properly. Call for more information on crematoriums, etc.

Expert Humane Animal Carcass Removal and Disposal of Deceased Animals Including but Not Limited To:

Horses Raccoons Cats
Sheep Skunks Dogs
Goats Opossums  
Cows Deer  
Pigs Coyotes  
Llamas & Alpacas Fox   

When you call Animal Carcass Removal, we’ll be on the scene as soon as we can to remove and dispose of the deceased animal. We’ll help you through all the steps of the process, reporting and cleaning up after the removal.


Contact us today at 866-ITS-DEAD for more information about our services. We are available 7 days a week!